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Wills and Powers
of Attorneys

It's all about Caring For Your Loved Ones.


Personalized Legal Wills

Drafted & Executed by Professional Estate Lawyers. Don't Trust Online Forms for your Inheritance - Let us Handle Everything.

Free Consultation

While preparing your Will, you have a 60-minute opportunity to address any questions to the Lawyer.

Trust a Professional Lawyer

Secure your future with professional will drafting by trusted Lawyers, ensuring your wishes are legally protected and your loved ones are provided for.

Wills Under 60 Minutes



Personalized Wills by Estate Lawyers

Included: Free Consultation with an Estate Lawyer 

Plans For Individuals

  • Simple Will

    Draft & Execute a Will. Your Choice of Executor, Beneficiary, & Guardian.
  • Power of Attorney

    Draft & Execute a Powers of Attorney for Property & Personal Care.
  • Recommeded

    Will & Power of Attorney

    Draft & Execute a Legal Will with Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care.

Plans For Couples

  • Simple Will

    Draft & Execute a Mirrored Will. Your Choice of Executor, Beneficiary, & Guardian.
  • Power of Attorney

    Draft & Execute a Powers of Attorney for Property & Personal Care for a Couple..
  • Will & Power of Attorney

    Draft & Execute a Will & POA for Property & Personal Care. For a Couple.

Create a Mirrored Will for a Married Couple

The Process


How Does It Work?


Choose a Package that suits your needs & complete the payment.


An Estate Lawyer will Handle Everything for You. It takes less than 60 Mins. Ask any question along the way.


Submit a Few Basic Details & Schedule an Appointment - Virtually or In-Person


That's it. Live Life Stress- Free and ensured that your Loved Ones are Protected.

Why Should You Get a Will and Powers of Attorney?

A Will is not just a document

It's a powerful tool that allows you to shape the future for your loved ones and safeguard your hard-earned assets. By having a Will, you take control of your legacy and ensure that your wishes are honored long after you're gone.

Preventing Intestate Succession

Intestate succession Laws determine how your estate will be distributed if you die without a Will. Having a Will ensures that you retain control over the distribution of your assets and prevents intestacy Laws from determining outcomes that may not align with your wishes.

Bring Clarity and Peace

A Will is like a roadmap that tells your loved ones how you want your assets and possessions distributed. It eliminates confusion and potential conflicts, providing clarity and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Property Disputes aren't funny

Safeguard your loved ones from unnecessary burdens and costly Estate disputes by ensuring you have a will in place. Don't leave their lives further complicated during an already challenging time of loss.

Decision-Making Abilities

A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a trusted person, known as an attorney-in-fact or agent, to make important financial, legal, and healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated or unable to make decisions yourself. 

Time Savings

Get a Simple Will done in Less than 60 Minutes drafted by an Estate Lawyer. Trust a human being more than a robot online for your inheritance. You may also ask any questions along the way to the Lawyer.

Meet Our Powerful Team


Shikha Kapoor

Licensed Paralegal


Pratheeb Uthayakumar

Civil, Estate & Probate Lawyer


Joseph G. Lavalle

Estate Lawyer


Vidisha (Disha) Ponkshe

Administrative Assistant


Khalid Farooq Parvaiz

Civil & Criminal Lawyer


Shashwat Pandya

Marketing Manager

  • Will you notarize the Will?
    Yes, we can, and this service is Free. But you must visit our office in person. Our address is Unit 10, 1087 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga.
  • What is a power of attorney (POA), and why is it important?
    A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants someone the authority to make decisions on your behalf in financial, legal, or healthcare matters if you become incapacitated or unable to make decisions yourself. It is important because it ensures that your affairs are taken care of and your best interests are represented when you are unable to do so. It provides peace of mind and avoids the need for court-appointed guardianship or intervention.
  • How often should I review and update my will and power of attorney documents?
    It is recommended to review and update your will and power of attorney documents periodically, especially during major life events such as marriage, divorce, the birth of children, or changes in your financial situation. Additionally, if your named executor or attorney-in-fact becomes unavailable or if your wishes or preferences change, it's important to revise and update your documents accordingly. Regular review, every few years, can help ensure that your estate plan and POA reflect your current circumstances and wishes. Just contact us to see how we can help you update your Will.
  • What are the different types of powers of attorney?
    In Ontario, two primary types of powers of attorney (POAs) exist: one for health and another for property and finances. Having a power of attorney for property and personal care is crucial as it ensures that your affairs are properly managed and your interests are protected. A power of attorney for property allows a trusted individual to make decisions related to your financial matters, while a power of attorney for personal care grants someone the authority to make healthcare decisions on your behalf. These documents provide peace of mind, ensuring that your wishes are honored and your well-being is prioritized when you are unable to make decisions yourself.
  • What happens when you die without a Will?
    In Canada, dying without a will, or intestate means that your assets will be distributed according to the intestate succession laws of your province or territory. If there are no immediate family members, your estate may pass to your next closest relatives or, in the absence of any relatives, escheat to the government. Dying without a will means losing the ability to determine the distribution of your assets and can lead to outcomes that may not align with your wishes or the unique circumstances of your family. Creating a valid will is crucial to ensure that your estate is distributed according to your preferences and to provide clarity and protection for your loved ones.
  • How does the process work?
    Step 1: Choose a package that suits your needs. We recommend Drafting a Will and Power of Attorney at the same time for $350. Step 2: Fill out the billing information and make your payment. Book an appointment with us either in person or online. Step 3: During your appointment with the Estate Lawyer, we will Draft a Legal Will & POA (depending on what you chose). Ask any questions along the way, this process takes 60 minutes or less. Step 4: You're all set. Now its time to notarize - to do that you must visit our office in person, if you have drafted a will with us we will notarize it for free.
  • Do you need a Lawyer to Write a Will?
    You should use a Lawyer's Professional Experience in order to write a Will that can be Legally Enforceable. To notarize or execute your will, a lawyer's assistance is crucial, and we offer this service at no cost, though an in-person visit to our law office is required.
  • What should I consider when choosing an executor for my will?
    When choosing an executor for your will, consider someone who is trustworthy, organized, and capable of handling financial and legal matters. They should be willing to take on the responsibility and have good communication skills to work with beneficiaries. It's also important to choose someone who is likely to outlive you and who is familiar with your wishes and values.

Book an Appointment


Don't Procastinate this. Get Started on making your Wills and Powers of Attorney. Like we said earlier, it takes less than 60 Minutes. Let a Professional Lawyer Handle Everything for You A-Z.

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